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Learning to “Lean on My Village”

Hello Friends, An area of growth that I’m working on is learning how to “lean on the village.” What do I mean by this? Well, I tend to be a perfectionist. I was a straight A student as a kid and have carried that mentality (for better or worse) into adulthood. I’m learning that’s it’s…

A Lyrical Zap for Motivation!

Hello Friends! Blessings & Abundance! This week, I’d like to share a rhyme I created to inspire myself and I hope it inspires you too! Here below are the written lyrics and the video… say it along with me and let’s get that extra boost of energy! Love, Positive Power Deb “You ask me how…

Create a Digital Cheering Squad!

Hello Friends! Blessings & Abundance! I’d like to share how I tap into the support and encouragement of people who inspire me, right in the palm of my hand! When I’m sitting at my desk working, I find it helpful to imagine those I admire cheering me on! So, I create a photo album on…

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