Learning to “Lean on My Village”

Hello Friends,

An area of growth that I’m working on is learning how to “lean on the village.”

What do I mean by this?

Well, I tend to be a perfectionist. I was a straight A student as a kid and have carried that mentality (for better or worse) into adulthood.

I’m learning that’s it’s okay to not always be perfect – and that sometimes perfection can be the enemy of starting, of doing it now, of completion.

So, I’m being vulnerable right now as I share that I’m learning that sometimes doing it now, doing it right away, is often better than waiting to do it 100% perfectly or better yet, being scared to do it until I’m 100% perfect – because truth is, I never will be…and that’s okay, that’s actually good.


Because not only am I a life-long learner, I’m a life-long grower.

If I only do what I’m “perfect” at, what I’ve already mastered, then I’ll never grow.

So, here I am: flawed, imperfect, but trying to my best, and to make my best better.

And I’m doing it.

I’m growing. I’m getting better every day. And I’m helping others to do the same.

So, thank you to everyone who is cheering me on, giving me that external validation that means so much to me. Those words of affirmations, those confirmations that I matter, and my work matters, and my contribution is of value to my village, my community, my world.

Thank you.

I’m “leaning on my village” and we’re growing together.

Thank you. Be Blessed.

Keep Shining!!!


Positive Power Deb

One thought on “Learning to “Lean on My Village”

  1. Wow – I can definitely relate to that. Just get started!!! Forget about not being perfect at it – just do it! Thank you for writing this! It’s great to know that other people feel like this, too!

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