Create a Digital Cheering Squad!

Hello Friends!

Blessings & Abundance!

I’d like to share how I tap into the support and encouragement of people who inspire me, right in the palm of my hand!

When I’m sitting at my desk working, I find it helpful to imagine those I admire cheering me on!

So, I create a photo album on my phone of YouTubers, spiritual leaders, motivational speakers, creatives, artists, and change makers!

I like to use front facing head shots with big smiles!

Then I set it to play on repeat as a Slideshow with some fun background music…and voila!

(I’m using an iPhone, but I’m sure Android has similar built-in capability/apps available.)

As I click away on my keyboard, I see their smiling faces alongside my laptop, and I imagine each one saying “you got this!” and “we’re proud of you!” — and it gives me such a boost!

Hope you found this helpful – if so, leave a comment, or send me a message, I’d love to hear from you!


Positive Power Deb

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